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Wii U gamepad hacked

wii-u gamepadThe Dolphin team just present a video of a hack of the wii u gamepad.

In this video, we can see the gamepad emulated on a PC.

According to their declarations, the Wii U gamepad security is much less than these of the Wii U.

This is not the first hack of the Wii u gamepad, another developper, Chris Manning, had already published a tool on GBATemp to use the Wii U gamepad as a PC gamepad.

Download GamePadtoPC

Hack Wii mode (vWii) on Wii U

wii-uThe Wii U embed the classic Wii as a standalone mode, and worst, infixed face to the complete hack scene of the Wii.
It’s so possible to hack the mode Wii also named vWii (virtual Wii) thanks to the classics Wii hacks to load Wii game backup.
Notice, for now, Wii U mode is still non hackable.

Important note:
Never use IOS, cIOS, Menu system, Menu system homebrew (Priiloader, Starpatch…), channel and so one for Wii to vWii and vice versa, else, you’ll definitively break you Wii / Wii U.

Use an exploit to install the homebrew channel (HBC) on the Wii U

In order to run homebrew, and to facilitate it later, to install homebrew channel, your first need to exploit a game failure, there are many of them, but each time, you’ll need the original CD.

Wii U working exploits

Here is a list of the exploits to use on Wii U to run homebrew.


Exploit Name Game Required USA JPN EUR KOR Working in Wii Mode?
Twilight Hack Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Yes Yes Yes No No
Bannerbomb None Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Indiana Pwns LEGO Indiana Jones Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Smash Stack Super Smash Bros. Brawl Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yu-Gi-OWNED!Yu-Gi-Vah Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s Wheelie Breakers Yes Yes Yes No Yes, but you must connect the scart and use the save 50Hertz + configure output 576I for France
Bathaxx LEGO Batman Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Return of the Jodi Lego Star Wars Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Eri HaKawai Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Yes Yes Yes No Yes
LetterBomb None Yes Yes Yes Yes No


Install HackMii Installer on Wii U

Download the HackMii Installer v1.2 and unzip it on your SD card (boot.elf must be on the root path of your SD card).

Run the exploit and the HackMii installer will start and install the Homebrew Channel (HBC). Once done, you’ll no longer the exploit and you’ll be able to start new homebrews directly from the Homebrew Channel (HBC) on you Wii U menu.

Official website

Install the cIOS d2x-vWii for Wii U

Download and install the cIOSX d2x v10 for Wii U (vWii)

Install a game loader on Wii U

Download and install the USB Loader GX

Copy game to a USB hard drive

Last step, download WiiBackupManager_Build78 or visit its official website to manage your games backup on a USB hard drive.


cIOSX d2x v10 vWii

d2xcioslogodavebaol just released a custom version of cIOS d2x for vWii of Wii U which allows to use our favorites games loader.

d2x Version note

  • version 10 beta r52 come from v8 and version 10 beta r53 alt of the version 9 beta r49.
  • d2x-alt handle 2 plug and play USB ports but has while d2x handles only one and without plug and play, but has a better Nand emulation support

d2x Changelog

  • Added support for Virtual Wii bases 56/57/58.
  • Reverted to r43, i.e. last v8 revision. Also ported some useful fixes and features from r49, i.e. last v9 revision, especially:
  • Fixed an EHCI issue in ReadCapacity that prevented certain usb devices from working (tnx to digicroxx).
  • Fixed an EHCI issue in GetDescriptors that prevented certain usb devices from working (tnx to digicroxx).
  • Removed from ciosmaps.xml the patch to skip the process id check inside os_software_IRQ(4).
  • Fixed content id for bases 60/70/80 in ciosmaps.xml (tnx to dragbe).
  • Added to build the cios on Linux (tnx to r-win).
  • Added stripios source to svn.
  • Removed the easter egg introduced by Waninkoko in cios rev20.
  • Minor changes and code clean up.

Download d2x



official website

Important note

Never install Wii software on Wii U and Wii U software on Wii

d2x Installation

  • Download d2x cIOS Installer Mod v2.2 of FIX94.
  • Unzip it and copy the directory /d2x-cios-installer into the SD directory /apps.
  • Unzip d2x into /d2x-cios-installer.

Run the installer into the HomeBrew Channel.