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cIOSX d2x v10 vWii

d2xcioslogodavebaol just released a custom version of cIOS d2x for vWii of Wii U which allows to use our favorites games loader.

d2x Version note

  • version 10 beta r52 come from v8 and version 10 beta r53 alt of the version 9 beta r49.
  • d2x-alt handle 2 plug and play USB ports but has while d2x handles only one and without plug and play, but has a better Nand emulation support

d2x Changelog

  • Added support for Virtual Wii bases 56/57/58.
  • Reverted to r43, i.e. last v8 revision. Also ported some useful fixes and features from r49, i.e. last v9 revision, especially:
  • Fixed an EHCI issue in ReadCapacity that prevented certain usb devices from working (tnx to digicroxx).
  • Fixed an EHCI issue in GetDescriptors that prevented certain usb devices from working (tnx to digicroxx).
  • Removed from ciosmaps.xml the patch to skip the process id check inside os_software_IRQ(4).
  • Fixed content id for bases 60/70/80 in ciosmaps.xml (tnx to dragbe).
  • Added to build the cios on Linux (tnx to r-win).
  • Added stripios source to svn.
  • Removed the easter egg introduced by Waninkoko in cios rev20.
  • Minor changes and code clean up.

Download d2x



official website

Important note

Never install Wii software on Wii U and Wii U software on Wii

d2x Installation

  • Download d2x cIOS Installer Mod v2.2 of FIX94.
  • Unzip it and copy the directory /d2x-cios-installer into the SD directory /apps.
  • Unzip d2x into /d2x-cios-installer.

Run the installer into the HomeBrew Channel.